What To Expect

Grab your Ticket

Tickets are available for $15 per person ($5 off on Thursdays and before noon on Saturday and Sunday!). Your arcade pass gives you full access to all games on free play and you can stay as long as you’d like that day. Tickets are now available for purchase directly when you arrive for you and your group.

Enter Through Reclaim VIdeo

You will enter and check-in through Reclaim Video, a family video store featuring an eclectic selection of 1980s and 90s movies on VHS, betamax, and Laserdisc. Not only can you check out movies if that is your thing (and you still have a VCR!) but this is where you will grab your arcade passes and any snacks or drinks you may want.

80's Console living room

The 1980s Console Living Room started as an interactive curiosity at the University of Mary Washington in 2015 that we’ve re-created at Reclaim Arcade. The space allows you to watch some network TV from the 80s, play Atari 2600, pop in a VHS tape, and/or hang out and listen to some music. It’s a perfect spot for the kids to relax while the adults are playing in the arcade 🙂

How to Play

All of our arcade cabinets and pinball machines are on free play, so no need to raid your parents’ quarter supply.  You can view our 70+ arcade cabinets and pinball machines here.

The extras


From T-shirts and stickers to keychains, Reclaim Arcade swag is available for you to purchase in our lobby or during booking so you can let everyone know you made it to the best damn arcade in Fredericksburg :).

Snacks & Drinks

We will have soft drinks and snacks available for sale in Reclaim video for anyone who is feeling the urge. Please note you cannot bring in outside food and drink unless you have booked a private party.


A private party room is now available for reservervation. $250 gets you 20 arcade passes and 2 hours of private party space with the ability to bring in outside food and drinks. For off-hours events contact us to discuss possibilities.


Are you a Mortal Kombat master? Captured all the keys in Pac Man? Check back here soon to find out who the best in the 'Burg is when it comes to classic video games.

Play Online

We have partnered with Surrogate TV to allow you to play games from the comfort of your own home. Check out our first game, Avengers Infinity Quest pinball, from Tuesday - Thursday at https://www.surrogate.tv/game/avengers


Reclaim Arcade highlights work from a variety of artists in unique ways throughout our space. From interactive games and projected images to the art that adorns our walls.