COVID-19 Safety Protocols

To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, Reclaim Arcade has crafted an experience with careful consideration of all recommended safety protocols by health officials. We recommend all patrons read and understand these established guidelines and measures we have taken prior to visiting.


Hand sanitizer stations are available for use at entrance of the building as well as in the main arcade space. Between each booked session we have allocated a 1 hour block where employees perform a full cleaning routine of all equipment at the arcade. Cleaning equipment is also available for guests should they wish to wipe down games between uses. Additionally we have hired a professional cleaner to perform a deep clean of the arcade once per week.

Social Distancing and Crowd Control

In order to limit the potential for spread of the virus, we have taken the extraordinary measure of limiting capacity in our arcade to just 20 guests at any given time. We ask that all guests that are not a part of a single group remain 6 feet apart from other patrons both in the main lobby as well as the living room and arcade floor. This is of utmost concern when selecting games that may be located adjacent to one another. We also offer very steep discounts on renting the entire arcade for your personal group should you wish to have more flexibility during your visit.


All guests and employees of Reclaim Arcade are required to wear a mask during your visit. If you are unable to wear a mask we look forward to serving you at a later date when that is no longer a requirement.

Personal Safety Attestation

All of our employees commit to never working when showing symptoms of the coronavirus. We ask that all guests do the same and stay home if you are not feeling well. Any patron of Reclaim Arcade that is actively showing symptoms of the coronavirus will be asked to leave.